Fine towels created from smooth yarn that may comfort you

Fine towels made from smooth yarn that may comfort you

The peshtemal towels have evolved from the traditional Turkish Hammam aka Bath tradition. They’ve got always been used since the Ottoman times and today still pretty much used as a cover garment to cover the nude body while bathing with the others in a public Turkish Bath. These towels have, of course, improved drastically in quality and it has gained a more fashionable aspect on the time without losing its lovable authenticity. With the recent demand for these peshtemal towels all across the world, they have moved past the boundaries of Hammam and have become very trendy, multifunctional, urban yet very ethnic towels using the naive undertones of the Ottoman-Turkish cultural traits. And I am particularly very happy with being part of the transformation of these gorgeously authentic towels from their locality at the South-West of Turkey towards the world-league.


These fantastically purposeful towels are fantastic for everyday life-style along with the demands and pressures of active living with their compactness, high absorbency, lightweight and quick dry features while being extremely charming using their lovely colour schemes, softness and original tassels. They may be functional towels based on simplicity to handle any life style, in almost any setting, for any generation. They can be utilized as a sofa throw, a fancy table cloth or perhaps a curtain,a sarong for an off-the-cuff lounging, a sand-free beach/picnic blanket, a spa wrap or simply as a compact towel to your gym bag. Just let your imagination require over.



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